Many, many centuries ago, in the Before times, the world was ruled by an evil dragon. The dragon roamed the lands, taking whatever he pleased, and smiting all who were brave or reckless enough to stand in its way. Through the years, countless warriors and wizards believed they could challenge the dragon, but all perished in the attempt.

It seemed the dragon was invincible and that its rule would be eternal. Until, one day, centuries after the dragon's rule had begun, there was a total eclipse. Thinking that the world was ending, and along with it his reign, the dragon took to the air as fast of a bolt of lightning to take one last look over his dominions, and as he looked down, for what he truly believed was the very last time, the dragon wept for the loss of his world.

Each tear he shed contained a small portion of his invincible dragon powers, and as they fell to the land far below, they hardened into diamonds. By the time he completed his final flight, the once unstoppable dragon had cried out all of his power, scattering it, in the form of teardrop-shaped gems, over the entire world. Without his power, the dragon aged hundreds of years in an instant and died as the sun was re-emerging from behind the moon.

It's time for a new Legend. Join Luna, the warrior girl, on her adventures across a world of kings and monsters, wizards and ogres as she quests for the Tears of the Dragon !

- Written by Conceptfan

Episode 1 - A Night at the Castle

A Night at the Castle

Episode 1 - A Night at the Castle

An ancient artefact, kept since time immemorial by the Troll Kings. A girl with extraordinary sword skills and an eye for the boys. An over-friendly dragon with a knack for false predictions. And a tale of immeasurable power, hidden and dispersed across the world, waiting to be rediscovered.

In this extra-long pilot episode, with a huge cast of professional voices, Luna learns about the ancient Tears of the Dragon, gets thrown in a dungeon and has a fight with a Prince. There's also a wizard, a King, a lucky stable boy, an all-knowing apparition and some bees. Oh, and that over-friendly dragon...

Of course, Luna has her own special spin on "coming out on top"...

Starring: Melissa, Mazikeen

Guest starring: Katabelle

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Episode runtime: 49 Min


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